Cindy Wu
A long time ago, I made an anthrax therapeutic for the U.S. Army and programmed immune cells for a universal vaccine.
For a decade I poured the entirety of my labor towards breathing life into Experiment with my best friend Denny.
Until the end of 2022 I was building at Jelly a local-first multiplayer reference manager as a foundation for a decentralized social network for science.
In 2023, I spent all my hours programming programs for the joy of programming at The Recurse Center.
I was born in Seattle and grew up in Bellevue. My family immigrated to America from the island of Taiwan.
San Francisco and New York City are places I have called home. Today, the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi is home.
I ride a 9'2" Takayama DT-2 and a 9'11" Byzak. You can find me at first light half a mile offshore of Waikīkī.
Currently I am training for a 2.3 mile open water swim.