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programming projects
minimal linkedin
crdt from scratch v1 - insertions
crdt from scratch v2 - document array of chars
tailwindcss desktop executable
crdt from scratch v3 - tombstoning some chars to heaven
mahjong with video chat to 練習中文
drawers - coming soon!
artisanal redis - coming soon!
artisanal sqlite - coming soon!
faunadex floradex - offline-first pokedex for hawaiian plants - cave exploration log
sharkbait - oahu surf report and jelly report
cave api - coming soon!
jammy - coming soon!
desktop apps
virtual recurse
recurse calendar
non-technical talks
how this way of tying shoelaces is better than other ways
money will come when you are doing the right thing
on being a maker in a manager's world
how to prepare for any talk in five minutes
technical talks
declutter twitter and linkedin with tiny chrome extension
/uses and the joy of vercel preview comments
drawing arrows
crdt tombstoning, all deleted characters go to heaven
multiplayer mahjong to 練習中文
floradex, offline-first pokedex for hawaiin plants
troglog, sharkbait, and adventures in API-ing