Cindy Wu
In a past life I did science hatching sea-monkeys to feed to zebrafish for tuberculosis research, camped under the stars in the Eastern Washington sagebrush steppe counting insect galls, built DNA logic gates to silence genes, designed an anthrax therapeutic for the U.S. Army, and programmed immune cells for a universal vaccine.
For a decade I poured the entirety of my labor towards breathing life into Experiment with my best friend Denny.
Until the end of 2022 I was building at Jelly Public Benefit Corporation a local-first instant-ui multiplayer reference manager as a foundation for a decentralized social network for science.
In 2023, I spent all my hours programming programs for the joy of programming at The Recurse Center.
I was born in Seattle and grew up in Bellevue. My family immigrated to America from the island of Taiwan.
San Francisco and New York City are places I have called home. Today, the Kingdom of Haiwaiʻi is home.
I ride a 9'2" Takayama DT-2 and a 9'11" Byzak. You can find me at first light half a mile offshore of Waikīkī.